Monday, October 5, 2015

WinkPen Will Make You Want to Write with Tea

There are many things quite fascinating in the world of tea. One of my most favourite qualities of the beverage is that it is so versatile. As a reader of The Cup of Life, you notice that I enjoy finding any way possible to include tea into my lifestyle in addition to just drinking it all day, every day. I've shared tea infused recipes, tea DIY, jewelry made with tea, and even an artist that uses tea as a painting medium. That is why when I found out about another product that was using tea (and other liquids) in yet another creative way, I just had to research and learn more.

Take a look around your current collection of teas and accessories. Even if it may seem like you have plenty, there is always one more thing we just have to add to it. Imagine sipping on one of your favourite teas and jotting down tasting notes with that exact tea as ink. WinkPens is a refillable glass pen that was built to write with alternative inks such as tea but also juice or wine! It allows a user to get creative with not only traditional inks, but virtually any low viscous fluid that contains a staining property. The WinkPen can be thought of as cross between a dip pen and a fountain pen. Ink can now be virtually limitless.
I had a chat with the founder, Jessica Chan, to discuss the inspiration behind the product, how it actually functions and much more. Keep reading for the interview!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Round Up: The Best, Most Interesting Blogs this Month

Need more items to add to that never ending list of things to read? You're at the right place! It's that time of the month again where I share some of my favourite blog posts I have read and loved during September. This series is both fun and difficult to do each month. I love going through my blog list but it's always tough to narrow down to just a handful or so of great writing. As usual, the tea category dominates here (because, well, this is a tea blog) but this month there are actually some pretty great articles in other categories that are tea related, too. With tea etiquette and marketing advice, tea infused recipes, and photography tips, I hope you'll find something new and interesting to you!


TeaLover.Net | On Tea and Kickstarters  - Some of you may not know that, in addition to tea writing, I'm also a marketing professional so this blog post pretty much covers both of my worlds. Even though I am completely obsessed with tea, there are only a few tea themed Kickstarters that seem worth the backing. The writer here does a fabulous job at explaining and giving examples of a few key items you should consider before starting one for your next tea adventure.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tea Review: Blend Bee's Save the Bees

Ingredients: Chamomile flower, Hibiscus flower, Rose hips, Rose buds, Marigold flower, Jasmine flower, Lavender flower, Orange peel, Green stevia leaf, Sweet orange extract, Honey extract

Steep Time: 7 minutes

First Sip Thought: "Sweet oranges."

Smell: I love when the aroma of a handcrafted tea blend is making its way through the sealed packaging and filling up the air of my room. Like most of Blend Bee's teas, Save the Bees herbal tea blend does just that. This particular herbal tea blend is quite floral, with hints of fruitiness from the orange peel and extract. The aroma is something I want to bottle up as a spray and keep forever.
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