Friday, July 25, 2014

Tea in a K-Cup? Yup!

I'm still a strong believer that in order to get the best taste from your tea leaves you should steep them directly in your teacup or teapot. However, with growing technology people always find a simpler way to do so. For instance, Tassimo & Keurig machines. In this case, if I'm going to have tea with one of these I would want it to be different. True Honey Teas is just that. Their single serve tea pods are filled with tea leaves that are sweetened with natural local honey. They are the only organization in the world to put honey sweetener in the pod with the tea.

If I like to sweeten a tea, I normally will go for honey instead of sugar so True Honey Teas was made for me! A good source of carbohydrates, natural honey sweetens with no additives or preservatives.
Another great benefit is that in my experience, when adding honey to my tea after it has steeped, it tends to not mix fully well with the tea. I found that with True Honey Teas' pods the honey gently mixes with the tea during the brewing cycle leaving an evenly sweetened cup.

I had the opportunity to try three of the teas in True Honey Teas selection. They have four and the one I did not get a chance to try was Earl Grey.

Here are my thoughts:
  • Spiced Chai - More and more I'm in love with chai. True Honey Teas' Spiced Chai did not disappoint. It's an energizing blend of spices that is great for the body, mind and soul. Even with the natural honey sweetness, the chai warms you.
  • Green - The first time I ever put honey in my tea was with a green tea for a sore throat. However, I'm starting to enjoy green tea even more iced these days. Of course, when I make iced teas I like to play around with them for extra flavour. The natural honey with the green tea was remarkable. The green tea is heated immediately to slow oxidation. It was a perfect cup of iced bright green tea - very soothing.
  • English Breakfast - This is one of their most popular and I can see why. Great from any time of day, it's a strong body blend and the creamed honey gives it a nice twist. Add a splash of milk and this is my go-to tea from True Honey Teas. 
If you're someone who loves to sweeten their tea with honey, or enjoys trying new things I would say go for this! Technically not the proper way to brew your tea but it's efficient and delicious. Check out their products online here.


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